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Panelita- Whole Bean Coffee- Blendin Coffee Club

Panelita- Whole Bean Coffee- Blendin Coffee Club


Early Morning Fishing Trips and Fresh Brewed Coffee go hand-in-hand. Indulge in a gourmet cup before hitting the water with freshly roasted coffee by Blendin Coffee Club located in Houston, TX.  Hand selected by our owner!

Flavor Notes: 

This coffee is from Forest Coffee founded by brothers Shady and Elias Bayter. They have been involved in farming since their childhood, following their parents footsteps who first started with growing avocados. In 2012, the Bayter brothers ventured into the world of coffee and fell in love with it.

We selected this coffee for our shop espresso. 99% of this coffee is Caturra variety and 1% is Colombia variety. This coffee is clean, sweet and pairs well with milk based beverages. This is a coffee we can drink every day!