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Laguna Madre Clothing Company was founded in 2013 on the Gulf Coast by three friends with passion for the outdoors. Laguna Madre Clothing Co. offers high-quality Sun Protective Performance Apparel and clothing for Outdoor Enthusiasts.

Designs featuring Real Wildlife Art depicting outdoor and sporting scenes painted by Professional Artists. UPF 50 Sun Protection, 100% Polyester Material, Built by Texas Anglers.

"We founded Laguna Madre Clothing Company with the ultimate intention of depicting more realistic artwork for bay fishermen. Growing up on the Gulf Coast--catching Red Drum, Speckled Trout, and Flounder--we wanted something relatable. At the time, the industry was saturated with offshore designs--not the unique Texas wildlife we were used to seeing. We wanted outdoor apparel that representative of the great state of Texas, so we decided to make it ourselves. We looked toward some of the best professional wildlife artists, and partnered with them to bring every shirt design straight from the canvas. I admire and respect what our artists can do with a brush and canvas. 

Since then, we have worked hard to serve Texas outdoor enthusiasts. We are continuing to innovate and build a portfolio of products that are lightweight, durable, and unique to your outdoor experiences. We offer apparel for all types of anglers now: Inshore, Offshore, and Freshwater designs. Currently, we are working closely with seven professional wildlife artists, and are featured in over 14 retailers in the state of Texas. ." -Owner, Taylor Winzeler