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Duck Dreams
Duck Dreams
Duck Dreams

Duck Dreams



Duck Dreams by Louisiana-born artist Randy McGovern. Duck Dreams features three each color Labrador which are known to be excellent companions when Duck Hunting. Black, Chocolate, Yellow Labradors were once used for Fishing as well, their short fur helps with warmth without restricting movement. Labrador puppies aren't picky- a single litter can produce all 3 coat colors due to two genetic markers that influence their fur.

Ultraviolet Protective Factor 50: Our garments are designed to keep your skin safe from ultraviolet light when exposed to the sun for long durations of time.

Breathable- Our long sleeved fishing shirts are made of a textured, ultra-breathable 100% polyester material, ensuring that you stay cool when temperatures rise.

Moisture Wicking- Designed with Dri-Q technology, our garments dry super fast when wet.

Real Wildlife Artwork- Each scene takes our seasoned and professional artists sometimes months to create. Our artists have over 80 years of combined experience to create some of the most realistic and lifelike scenery.