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Family Ties

DOA Lures Family Ties is a show about the familial connection made while outdoors. Check out new episodes every Wednesday on the World Fishing Network at 8:30PM CST. 

Episode 1 - On the Rocks

Travel to South Padre Island, TX for a day of fishing with Captain Andy Salinas and Capt. Ed Zyak. Capt. Andy Salinas makes a living targeting big South Texas inshore fish. Sometimes you have to get industrial to find them.


Episode 2 - Business Meeting

Capt. Jamie Wilkinson joins DOA creator Mark Nichols for one of the famed DOA media events. Capt. Lee Alvarez takes them both out to show them his TX fishery. Learn how to catch Speckled Trout with Marks rigging tactics. Learn about the South Padre Island fishing conditions from Capt. Lee. Tune in Wednesdays on the World Fishing Network at 8:30PM CST to watch more 'Family Ties'!